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Learning a language is not all fun and games though, not everything will be that enjoyable.

I'll pay special attention to the posters saying "yes" who have a certain badge next to their names. There was a lot of new code added, so please bear with us if anything breaks, we'll try and take care of it asap. In the comments many of you ask us how we learned Japanese.

Goals & Motivation So you've decided to learn Japanese, great.

Many of you are most likely not sure how to embark on this enormous task.

Wow, I can't believe it's been almost a year since the last blog post. However, things are beginning to easen up again, so here we are, back. We've listened to all the great feedback you've been providing and worked on this elaborate project behind the scenes to hopefully start getting rid of all the bad ads, the unfortunate by-product of keeping us up and running. Along with that stuff, we have also implemented our very own discussion software, coded from scratch by our awesome admin.

So if you've been a frequent participant in discussions on our site, make sure to get an account or use the social sign in and you're good to go. A public service announcement: Nothing changes, you don't have to become a "supporter" to keep reading manga here, and that'll never change. This is just for those who want to on a regular basis.

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