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p54.htm#i1603|This partial coalescence of the interests of the bourgeoisie and the landowners is excellently illustrated by the history of the Verney family. The force was largely composed of men who had fought on the royalist side in the civil war; only for a few former rebels did the crusade provide a means of gaining royal favour.

p54.htm#i1601|Sir Thomas Greene Knt.|b. The founder of the line, the merchant Ralph Verney, became Lord Mayor of London in 1465. The earl of Gloucester was one opponent of Edward who did take the cross, but he became increasingly reluctant to go.

It is not obvious why Edward himself took the cross.

The important step was taken in 1268 at Northampton, when Edward, his brother Edmund, Henry of Almain, Earl Warenne, the earl of Gloucester, William de Valence, and others agreed to go on crusade.

Edward, however, was undoubtedly enthusiastic about the crusading cause, and perhaps welcomed the opportunity to leave England and its problems.

The papal view was that the situation in England demanded Edward's presence there.

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